Top Ten: 2019 Anticipated Releases

It’s no secret that 2019 is going to be full of AMAZING books. But I have put together a little list of the ones I am most excited for! 2019 is just going to be the year of books, I can feel it.

1. Chain of Gold by Cassandra Clare


I think I am most excited for this one. As anyone who knows me knows, TID is my favorite of all time. I mean anything Clare puts out I will read. This is why she is my favorite. This series is meant to follow (SPOILER ALERT) Tessa and Will’s children. So the fact that we are getting a second series and the love of my life Will Herondale will be involved. COUNT ME IN!

Will Herondale = MINE

2. Wicked Saints by Emily A. Duncan

I have friends who have read it and they loved it. So I am over here patiently waiting until the release date. Although I put in an arc request so fingers crossed! BECAUSE I NEED IT!

3. Darkdawn by Jay Kristoff


The final book in the Nevernight series. I was super bummed when Kristoff announced that he was pushing Darkdawn back by a FULL YEAR. But I know it is going to be worth that wait! I can’t wait to see the trouble Mia and Mr. Kindly gets into.


4. Crescent City by Sarah J. Maas

FINALLY! Something new and exciting from the queen that is SJM! And it’s ADULT! I have been stalking SJM Pinterest board for Crescent City for what feels like forever. So I am excited that this book is finally being released.

5. The Wicked King by Holly Black


With the way, Cruel Prince ended how can I not have the Wicked King on this list. And I have seen so many people rave and rant about WK! I hear it has one epic cliffhanger.  I have been trying to get my hands on a copy so bad! Luckily it comes out next month!!! AHHHHH more Jude and Cardan guys!


(Note: Just received the arc in the mail! look out for that review)

6. King of Scars by Leigh Bardugo

Speaking of Kings! FINALLY more Nikolai! I have been waiting for more Grisha and it’s finally happening.

7. Red Scrolls of Magic by Cassandra Clare


I mean is it really a shock that another Clare book would be on here? Especially one that revolves around Magnus Bane and Alec. SIGN ME UP! Their story is one of my all-time favorites because Alec really grows up. And it’s about time because Bane deserves the world.



8. Kingsbane by Claire Legrand

Furyborn was the first book I read in 2018! And I AM READY for Kingsbane! Clare Legrand is quickly becoming an auto-buy author for me.

7. The Girl the Sea Gave Back by Adrienne Young


Sky in the Deep was hands down my favorite stand-alone of 2018. Nothing has come close to taking that spot away. Eelyn and Fiske are supposed to appear in this new companion novel! And I am so excited about that little glimpse of their lives. I am sure this companion novel will be just as good.




9.  The Starless Sea by Erin Morgenstern

I could have cried when I read the article that Erin Morgenstern is writing another book. The Night Circus was beautiful and moved me to tears. I can only imagine what this one will do.

10. Defy Me by Tahereh Mafi


And the last one on the list. I saved this one for last because I think I am the most nervous for this one. Because Restore Me ended with a crazy cliffhanger. I need my precious babies Kenji and Warner to be okay and safe. Tahereh Mafi sure knows how to keep me on my toes!


And for now, that is my list. There are so many more books that are coming out in 2019! And trust me, my list is long. But I had to keep it on the short side. There are so many epic conclusions coming and I am terrified for some fo them! But bring on the new year!




The Harry Potter Tag

Thought it would be super to fun to do a tag today. And what better tag to do than the Harry Potter tag! Nothing says Christmas like a Hogwarts Christmas am I right?

1. What house are you in?

Slytherin. I’ve spent most of my life believing I was in Gryffindor but turns out things change. Had an identity crisis this year until I  took the test again and it was Slytherin.

2. What is your Patronus?

My Patronus is a fox! Which I used to think was odd but I quiet like it.

3. What is your wand?

My wand is pine wood with a dragon heartstring core, 12 ½” and supple flexibility

4. What would your boggart be?

Oh this is an interesting question. I suppose my boggart would be losing a loved one. Its something I am terrified of


5. What position would you play in Quiddich?

Either a beater or a keeper. Since Quiddich is similar to soccer, a sport I have played. I would have to pick the positions I am used to. Aka a goalie/defensive positions.

6. Would you be a pure-blood, half-blood or muggle born?

Going by the post that I always see floating around. I am a pure-blood based on the fact that I have seen the movies and read the books.

7. What job would you want to have after leaving Hogwarts?

Preferably a book shop owner or a teacher. I think I would be good at those.

8. Which of the Deathly Hallows would you choose?

The cloak. Always the cloak.


9. Favorite book?

Prisoner of Azkaban. Its where things really start to feel like home for me.

10. Least favorite book?

Chamber of Secrets.

11. Favorite film?

Goblet of Fire. It was the most fun until the end.

12. Least favorite film?

Sorcerer’s Stone. It’s a little cheesy


13. Favorite character?

Hagrid and Dobby. They have always been my favorites.

14. Least favorite/most hated character?

Umbridge is there even another answer to that?

15. Favorite teacher at Hogwarts?

Professor McGonagall and Hagrid!

16. Least favorite teacher at Hogwarts?

Clearly, Umbridge again.

17. Do you have any unpopular opinions about the series?

I don’t think Snape completely redeemed himself. Also,Dumbledore was kinda awful.. Thats about it.

And that is the end of that! That was pretty fun! Hope to see some of you guys do it. I would love to see your answers. Happy reading guys.


December TBR

In typical fashion, I did not finish my November TBR, I mean really not a shock at this point. BUT what I did do is read every arc I had planned to read and I have them all reviewed and ready to go. I just didn’t get to finish the just for fun portion of my TBR which is a bummer. And I also ended up with more arcs because I have zero self-control. I just can’t stop requesting them. So December is going to be a nice mix of arcs and books I already own.


  1. Famous in a Small Town 
  2. The Gilded Wolves
  3. The Winter of the Witch
  4. A Sky For Us Alone

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For Fun:

Lady Midnight (Gotta prepare for QoAaD)

Lord of Shadows (Gotta prepare for QoAaD)

Queen of Air and Darkness

Six of Crows (Readathon)

The Afterlife of Holly Chase (Book Club Read)

It’s the last month of 2018, so I really want to take it easy with my TBR.  But do expect more blog posts from me this month. I have a schedule all planned out, so I am hoping to stick to it. I want to see how it goes and see if its something I can keep up with next year. Still can’t believe this year is almost over!!! Hard to believe 2019 is fast approaching already. But new year, new books!


Happy reading guys!


Enchantée Arc Review




Gita Trelease

“The court fears and worships magic. Be careful.”



Ripped from our history books, Enchantée tells the story of the start of the French Revolution but with magic. This book starts with Camille, a girl who must use magic to turn useless metal into money to provide for her younger sister, Sophie as her brother, Alain does nothing to help. With their parents dead and Alain robbing every coin they have, Camille must now use her magic to pursue more riches putting her and Sophie in even more danger. Throw in some politics, a few friendships, and a little romance and you got yourself one enchanting tale.

Camille was a difficult character to like but I found Sophie even more hard to take in. Sophie was awful for most of the book, so young and naive but also had this annoying ability to think she knew best.  But Lazare, a French and Indian descendant, was by far the star of the show. His whimsical love for balloons was delightful to witness. And his emotional confession of how his diversity is treated within the courts only made me want to pull him from the book and hug him.

Enchantée had such a fun plot while also keeping me on my toes. Knowing how history plays out and what was to come. It terrified me each time Camille went to court and worked her magic, I was always terrified something was going to occur and screw it up. I also enjoyed the magic system and how brilliant the cost of magic was sorrow and blood. Seeing the toll it took on Camille and how she kept going because she wanted a better life for herself but more importantly for her sister was by far one of the greatest things about this book. The sister bond that Camille and Sophie had, even if one character annoyed me more, it was still sweet to see them love each other that much.

Overall this book wasn’t bad. It has moments that were a bit dull but I enjoyed it for the most part. Enchantée was well worth the read and if any of you enjoy historical fiction with a little bit of a twist, I think you will really like this. I see now that there will be a companion to this book which is super exciting. Can’t wait to see what else this author has to offer.

This arc was provided to me for free from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.


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Nyxia Unleashed Review

Nyxia Unleashed

By Scott Reintgen

“They’ll regret how sharp we are now that we’re aimed at them.”

4.5 Stars

I was lucky to get approved for Nyxia last year so when the sequel became available on Netgalley, I immediately requested it. And I have to say I am not disappointed. Scott Reintgen knows how to tell a story and how to tell it well.

Nyxia Unleashed picks up immediately where Nyxia left off. Which was the best option because Nyxia ended pretty crazy. Bable has officially placed Emmett and the rest of the crew on the planet, Magnia and now must begin mining the substance Nyxia. Do this and their families will be taken care of, but is Bable being completely honest with the crew? The planet and its inhabitants are a mystery, but for how much longer?

There wasn’t a part of this book that I didn’t love. The storyline, the romance, the action, and the diversity!!! Say it louder for the people in the back. This book has it all. It’s so nice to see a good male MC being written and not have him be a jerk. And the female lead, Morning who is strong, smart, and everything I aspire to be!!! But the rest of the crew is an array of different kind of characters and it is so refreshing to see.

But can we talk about that ending? I need book 3 now, I don’t want to wait anymore. But I can admit now, I will be stalking NetGalley now waiting for the moment I can request book 3. If you love strong diverse characters, alien, action, and epic secrets than please check this series out. You will not be disappointed.



The Secret Life Of A Book Blogger Tag

Thought I would try my hand at another book tag! Especially since I have been posting reviews lately. I didn’t think this holiday season would keep me busy but I was so wrong. Hope you all had a great holiday week. Now let’s jump into this tag!

How long have you been a blogger?

Technically I have been blogging for years. I have always had an itch to write down my thoughts and while I tried it many times, I never actually stuck with it. But let’s just say a few months, as I am still a total noob at this.


At what point do you think you’ll stop blogging?

Hmm, honestly I am not sure. I think it depends on life and how it goes. I could technically do this forever or I could quit tomorrow.  I would like to think that I will continue to blog and bookstagram as long as it continues to be fun.


What is the best thing about blogging?

The people hands down. Having met so many amazing members of this book-loving community has been epic. The people are all so supportive and kind, I mean who wouldn’t want to be apart of this badass community.


What is the worst thing? What do you do to make it OK?

This is going to sound kind of odd, but the people. While the majority of people here in the bookish community are amazing, there seems to be a small number of bad apples every now and then. And lately they seem to be popping up more often and it really sucks.  And I just spread positivity when I see any negativity. It helps a lot.


How long does it take you to make/find pictures to use?

I try to use only my photos. I haven’t specifically used other photos besides these new free clipboard dividers. So it takes me while and sometimes if I don’t have time, I won’t even use a photo.


Who is your book crush?

Will Herondale. He is the light of my life.


What author would you like to have on your blog?

Cassandra Clare, V.E. Schwab, Leigh Bardugo, Jay Kristoff, and SJM. My Queens and King! But I think I would also be too chicken to ever speak to them.


What do you wear when you write your blog post?

Pajamas. Its what I live my life in.


How long does it take you to prepare?

I sometimes write up blog posts just to have extras but they never take more than 20-30 minutes each to put together. But on the occasion like today, I have to also post on bookstagram so that will add an extra hour.


How do you feel about the book blogger community?

I haven’t been a part of the book blogger community but it’s amazing so far. Everyone I have met is so kind and supportive.


What do you think one should do to get a successful blog?

Just be their self! And to make sure you are having fun!


And I am officially tagging every single one of you who reads this. Tags are always so fun to do! I really hope to do another soon.

Nyxia Review


By Scott Reintgen


“I don’t have to be perfect. I just have to be better than the other guy.”

This was given to me last year in exchange for a review. Overall, a solid 4 stars! I enjoyed this book so much. I love space and I always enjoy a competition so this was a great fit for me almost immediately.

This book is a good crossover between The Hunger Games and the 100. A group of kids/teens whatever you want to call them are chosen from all over the world to compete in a competition in space. The winners get to go to a planet called Eden. For competing, the kids will earn an income and healthcare for their families back home. But first, they must compete because not all 10 children are going to go Eden. Only 8 of them will be chosen. Their job on Eden will be mining Nyxia, a substance they are also trained to use. The entire book is compiled of their training and competition. We follow a guy named Emmett, one of the competitors and he desperately needs the money and the healthcare benefits the competition will provide. We watch the friendships and rivalries grow, but everyone has secrets.

The characters were all so different, some I grew attached too. They all had strengths and weaknesses and I cannot wait to explore more of that. The diversity regarding races was so refreshing to see. Not a whole lot of romance, but I like when a story doesn’t revolve too much on the romance.

It is an incredibly interesting plot and it kept me wanting more. Simply cannot wait to see how this story unfolds.

Review for Nyxia Unleashed will be up next! Keep an eye out!