The Harry Potter Tag

Thought it would be super to fun to do a tag today. And what better tag to do than the Harry Potter tag! Nothing says Christmas like a Hogwarts Christmas am I right?

1. What house are you in?

Slytherin. I’ve spent most of my life believing I was in Gryffindor but turns out things change. Had an identity crisis this year until I  took the test again and it was Slytherin.

2. What is your Patronus?

My Patronus is a fox! Which I used to think was odd but I quiet like it.

3. What is your wand?

My wand is pine wood with a dragon heartstring core, 12 ½” and supple flexibility

4. What would your boggart be?

Oh this is an interesting question. I suppose my boggart would be losing a loved one. Its something I am terrified of


5. What position would you play in Quiddich?

Either a beater or a keeper. Since Quiddich is similar to soccer, a sport I have played. I would have to pick the positions I am used to. Aka a goalie/defensive positions.

6. Would you be a pure-blood, half-blood or muggle born?

Going by the post that I always see floating around. I am a pure-blood based on the fact that I have seen the movies and read the books.

7. What job would you want to have after leaving Hogwarts?

Preferably a book shop owner or a teacher. I think I would be good at those.

8. Which of the Deathly Hallows would you choose?

The cloak. Always the cloak.


9. Favorite book?

Prisoner of Azkaban. Its where things really start to feel like home for me.

10. Least favorite book?

Chamber of Secrets.

11. Favorite film?

Goblet of Fire. It was the most fun until the end.

12. Least favorite film?

Sorcerer’s Stone. It’s a little cheesy


13. Favorite character?

Hagrid and Dobby. They have always been my favorites.

14. Least favorite/most hated character?

Umbridge is there even another answer to that?

15. Favorite teacher at Hogwarts?

Professor McGonagall and Hagrid!

16. Least favorite teacher at Hogwarts?

Clearly, Umbridge again.

17. Do you have any unpopular opinions about the series?

I don’t think Snape completely redeemed himself. Also,Dumbledore was kinda awful.. Thats about it.

And that is the end of that! That was pretty fun! Hope to see some of you guys do it. I would love to see your answers. Happy reading guys.


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