Down the TBR Update

Hello friends,

First of all, I want to apologize for being gone for the last week. These winter blues have been kicking my ass this year. So I decided to take some time off and focus on bookstagram stuff since I had a few tours this week! But I feel 10x better so I wanted to come and update you all on my “Down the TBR” posts. And the news is there won’t be anymore. Because I am impatient as hell.

So I cleaned up my Goodreads and set up a Google Sheets with my entire collection so I can keep track of everything. Then I unhauled over 200+ books, which is crazy but it feels fantastic. There were just too many books on my TBR, some that have been sitting there since 2014 (possibly longer) and it was starting to overwhelm me.

So I officially have 540 books on my “Want To Read” shelf and you guys it feels amazing. I am such a book hoarder but it feels freeing to rid myself of books that I no longer feel the need to read or will never read again. I will have to find another blog post idea for Monday’s now, but I am excited about this change! And I hope you guys are too!!!

But thats it for today. I hope you guys understand! Again, so sorry about being gone for the week and for this being such a mess of a post. lol

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