Book Tag | A Year in Books 2019 Edition

Hi everyone,

I have been searching for a nice long book tag for the end of 2019 but wasn’t finding too many until today. Found this one over @hollylovesbooks! And I am so excited to jump into this one. I know 2019 is officially over, but I want to continue to shout out my love of books!

So let’s do this!

What is the first book you read in 2019?

First book of the year was The Waking Forest, which I was not a huge fan of.

What was your most anticipated 2019 release?

Queen of Nothing, Ninth House, and Starsight. And I have read only one.

What 2019 debut where you most looking forward to?

Serpent & Dove! My mind practically melted over the synopsis but I still haven’t read it!

Did you read any new genres this year?

I read A LOT of Adult Fantasy this year. Which I never do and well best decision ever.

Discover any new authors that you loved?


What was your top rated book of the year?

Probably Mistborn. That trilogy is amazing and I never knew I would love a series this much.

What was your lowest rated book of the year?

The Beholder. That book was awful. One star. If I could have given it negative stars, I would have.

Did you DNF any books this year? What were they?

Normally I don’t DNF books. I have a hard time doing it. But Towards the end of the year, I just had to start. There were too many books that sounded great but just weren’t. But the first one that comes to mind was The Girl the Sea Gave back. I skimmed it, but it was not the book for me.

Did you set a reading goal on Goodreads this year? Where you able to reach it?

I did! My goal was originally at 150 books, but I lowered it to 130. There was no way I was going to read 25 books in a month, especially when winter has been kicking my ass.

Are you going to set a reading goal for this year? How big is your goal?

Yes… I am setting it lower this year. I don’t want to stress out about reading. I know I can read 100 books so I am setting it for that and leaving it alone.

What was your favorite book you read this year?

Again, I have to go with Mistborn. That series changed everything.

What there any books you read that you were disappointed with?

The Girl the Sea Gave Back, Finale, Hemlock Grove, and The Red Scrolls of Magic. I just felt like these books could have been better.

Were there any books you read that exceeded your expectations?

Kingsbane and Starsight. Both books were amazing and I could not ask for better sequels!

What was your least favorite book that you read this year?

The Beholder. Never again.

Are there any books you wanted to read this year but didn’t?

A lot of them. Ninth House and Serpent & Dove are the top two I wish I did read.

Were there any books you wished you hadn’t read this year?

The Beholder, Baby Teeth, Damsel, Lovestruck, The Beasts Heart. I wish I didn’t pick any of these up.

What was the last book you read this year?

The last book was Finale! Did a quick buddy read for the end of the year!

What was the last book you bought this year?

Two of the Stormlight Archive books by Brandon Sanderson!

Dang, that tag was a fun one! Kinda sad it’s over! I love sharing books I didn’t like and books I loved!

As usual, you are all tagged.

Happy reading!!


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