Down the TBR Update

Hello friends, First of all, I want to apologize for being gone for the last week. These winter blues have been kicking my ass this year. So I decided to take some time off and focus on bookstagram stuff since I had a few tours this week! But I feel 10x better so I wanted … Continue reading Down the TBR Update

Monthly Wrap Up | November 2019

Hello book friends, November was a good reading month for me. I knocked out a couple of rereads and finished up the Mistborn series. Which has taken a bit of a toll on my emotions today! So I don't plan on starting immediately. I need time to process. But expect reviews soon! Monthly Wrap Up … Continue reading Monthly Wrap Up | November 2019

Book Review | Shadows of Self (Mistborn #5) by Brandon Sanderson

  Shadows of Self By Brandon Sanderson “No, freedom was not lack of responsibilities—it was being able to do what was right, without having to worry if it was also wrong.” This is a spoiler-free review but it won't make sense unless you have read the first Era and Era 2. You can find those … Continue reading Book Review | Shadows of Self (Mistborn #5) by Brandon Sanderson